Maud Masselink beeldende kunst
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Nice to meet you! I'm Maud, charcoal and graphite artist and passionate about drawing people. My drawings often zoom in on young adults and their relationship to the rapidly changing outside world.

Face to Face

I'm looking back on a succesfull exhibition Face to Face with Karin Neijenhuis at Galerie Sylvia Thijssen in Breda. The Meet & Greet was a great start with family, friends, art lovers and some music by Mylie Tunes. During opening hours I worked on a new drawing while meeting visitors. Sold artworks are on their way to their new homes and I'm making a start on new commission work. Huge thanks to everyone that came out!


May 21 we were interviewed live on the radioprogram Grensgeluiden about our work, Face to Face exhibition and our nominations for The Dutch Portrait Award 2023. Follow the link to listen to the show, in Dutch.

Heet Zuur Hop Festival

During the very busy Heet Zuur Hop Festival in Brack Beer Construction Breda, 2 Luchador themed drawings were on display amidst chili's, beer, pickles, Dokter Worst and Loco Lucha Wrestlin' Show. 

De Nederlandse Portretprijs 2023 

I'm very honoured that my drawing Transformer is one of the 50 finalists of De Nederlandse Portretprijs 2023. The finalists will be on display in Slot Zeist from June 9  to September 3.  Be sure to check out the exhibition during the summer!

2023 London Art Biennale

"Pressure" has been selected for the 2023 London Art Biennale to be held in Chelsea, at the end of July. What a good summer with my drawing “Transformer” as a finalist of the Dutch Portrait Prize 2023 exhibited at Zeist Castle  and “Pressure” on display at London Art Biennale in the beautiful venue of Chelsea Old Town Hall.


Feel free tot contact me for inquiries about my work or for a studio visit. The easiest way to stay informed is through my instagram account.

Below are some of my larger, recent drawings. For more details, processhots and framed works, as well as other drawings; please check out the drawings page. 

Transformer, charcoal portrait

Transformer (burnished charcoal, private collection)

Transformer; No longer a child, not yet an adult. Geared up and ready to deal with the challenges of the outside world.

I'm very honoured that his drawing is nominated for De Nederlandse Portretprijs 2023. Together with 49 other finalists, it will be exhibited in Slot Zeist from June 9 to September 3, 2023. 

For Transformer and Charcoal Angels below I used a sanding technique to burnish the charcoal in heavy paper instead of just drawing on the surface. The process is time consuming and labor intensive but it opens new possibilities for detailing and makes the drawing more intense and durable.



Charcoal drawing Charcoal angels

Charcoal angels (burnished charcoal, 2022, available)

Dimensions: 87x70 cm framed (wooden frame with museum glass)

Children absorbed in carefree play together, resulting in something amazing. 

This large charcoal drawing is based on a children’s art project in which art was combined with music. Movements that started of hesitant, eventually synchronized and melted together in amazing drawings. 



Pressure (2022, available)

Dimensions: 109x86 cm framed (wooden frame with museum glass)


Large charcoal drawing that I created using charcoalpencil on heavyweight paper.

I'm proud that "Pressure" has been selected for the 2023 London Art Biennale to be held in Chelsea, at the end of July, in the beautiful venue of Chelsea Old Town Hall.