Maud Masselink beeldende kunst
brievenbus schilderijtje (letterbox painting)



The first months of the semi-lockdown I found it difficult to create anything. What to create when the whole world is turned upside down? It was not possible to teach art and as for many people my life has taken place at home since. Fortunately, that is also where my studio is located!

While homeschooling my son, I started creating a small collection of letterbox paintings. Brievenbus schilderijtjes in Dutch. Small collages on wood I would send (via letterbox post) to peoples loved ones far away.

This summer I took inspiring online classes with the Spanish artist Amaya Gurpide. In recent years I have become increasingly fascinated by drawing as an independent art form and bringing together wet and dry techniques in a drawing. Amaya's lessons have taught me a lot in this area.

The changing moods that events worldwide evoke in me can be seen in my work. Working with a great model I started on some bigger drawings in which I want to visualise the impact that 2020 has on me.

Mweh! (1) is a large drawing I've been working on in recent months and the first of this project. It came to be because every now and then (after a tough day or towards the end of this tough year) I'm so tired of the whole thing that I want to shut the world out. No hassle, no worries, no news, no non-news, no opinions, etc. Simply nothing for a while. 




Atelier Studio Maud Masselink

I look forward to classrooms filled with creative and bubbly kids. Until then, I work steadily in my studio at home.

In addition to my free work, I accept assignments.

An exhibition or open atelier is unfortunately impossible now, but a studio visit by appointment is. If you have any questions about my work, don't hesitate to call or email me!