Maud Masselink beeldende kunst

Below are some of my larger, recent drawings. For more detailshots, overview and framed works, as well as other drawings; please check out the drawings page. 

Charcoal drawing Charcoal angels


Charcoal angels is one of my large recent drawings (70x50 cm, 2022, framed in wooden frame with museum glass, available).

This large charcoaldrawing is based on my own photograph of a children’s art project that was very dear to me. 

In this project we encouraged them to draw both handed on the paper they sat on, listening to music. After a while their movements started to synchronize and melt together in one huge drawing. The intensity and sound of repetitive movements of the chunks of charcoal on the paper was mesmerising. Completely absorbed in carefree play they reminded me of snow angels.
May all children have the opportunity to play like these two.

The drawing is beautifully framed which can be seen here 

Transformer, charcoal portrait

Transformer (2022, framed in wooden frame behind museumglass, private collection)

Charcoaldrawing. Transformer; No longer a child, not yet an adult. Growing up in a world that could use heroes to transform and shape the future. 

For these two charcoaldrawings I used a sanding technique to burnish the charcoal in heavy paper instead of just drawing on the surface. Annie Murphy Robinson uses this technique to create her impressive drawings and her online lessons on charcoal sanding have been very inspirational. The process is time consuming and labor intensive but it opens new possibilities for detailing and makes the drawing more intense and durable.




Pressure (2022, still unframed, available). About the challenges of being young in todays world.

Large charcoaldrawing that I created with charcoalpencil on heavyweight paper. (100x70 cm/39"x27"). Please check here for details and images that will give you an idea of the dimensions. Available, can be framed if desired.



In the summer of 2022 I attended workshops in expressive portraitdrawing in charcoal from live models by the amazing artist Oliver Sin. Check out his work! This was intense and inspiring and I aim to incorporate his wisdom in my own drawing since. To be continued in the summer of 2023!

Mweh! Maud Masselink

Mweh! 1 (2020, private collection) and Mweh! 2  (2021, framed in wooden frame behind museumglass, available) are 2 large graphitedrawings I've worked on for several months. About the nessecity to shut the world out from time to time. Making room for creativity and re-newed energy. 

In recent years I have become convinced that drawing is an independent artform and that it suits me. I often experimented with bringing together wet and dry techniques in a drawing. Inspiring online classes from the fantastic Spanish artist Amaya Gurpide resonated with me and made things fall into place. For these 2 large drawings I handtoned the paper and used a combination of graphite, gouache and pan pastel.

I am intrigued by how measurements and form change when seen from a different perspective or angle. In Mweh! 2 the hand is towards the viewer but not open and inviting, she merely touches the ground. The hand does seem to reach out though and leads you into the drawing and to her face.